Don Wibier

At the age of 15, Don built a ticketing and reservation system in Clipper for his father's cinema. He and his friend were compensated with a brand new 386 PC! After studying electronics and IT, Don embarked on a career in development, working with some of the biggest companies in The Netherlands and developing multi-tier enterprise solutions. Seeing an exciting future with the World Wide Web, he started building Delphi based ISAPI dll’s in combination with application servers and databases. Working with an internet startup, he architected one of the fastest online services for finding and booking airfares. Before joining DevExpress as Technical Evangelist, Don single-handedly built one of the most user-friendly Content Management Systems available, which is currently powering hundreds of web and mobile implementations across the world. As Evangelist at DevExpress, Don is eager to share his knowledge and experience with you!


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